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Phillip Levy Fine Furniture and Interior Design offers more than just a great selection of merchandise. We have a variety of fashions for your home’s windows, walls, and floors. We can personally guide you from initial design to final installation.

Pre-Construction and Remodeling Planning
Design options will be specified for faucets and fixtures, hard surfaces, flooring, lighting, interior/exterior finishes, appliances and cabinetry. A specification binder, assembled specifically for your project, is provided to help you and your contractor stay organized.

Architectural Detailing
We will evaluate, create, and enhance architectural detailing for every aspect of your home. Special attention is given to curb appeal, built-ins, fireplaces, ceilings, and other points of interest.

Floor Plan Review
A detailed analysis of your floor plan is essential in determining the functionality and aesthetics of your design. All factors affecting the traffic flow, from furniture placement to door swings, are taken into consideration.

Flooring & Hardwood Surfaces
We will specify, design, and sketch custom designs for flooring and hard surface elements in your space. To ease the selection process, we keep an extensive resource of carpet and other flooring design elements in our showroom. Installation is also available through our contractors.

Furniture Selection & Custom Designs
Furniture and fabrics will be based on function, style, scale, and budget. We offer a wide selection of furniture, as well as custom designs, to complement any environment and personal taste.

We will assist you in selecting paint, special finishes, and other surface materials with a focus on coordinating a color scheme to balance your furnishings.

By working with local artists and craftsmen as well as resourcing accessories from around the world, we can add the finishing touch of accessories to your project.

Window Design
Custom window treatments (blinds, wood shutters, retractable solar screens, and custom drapery) will be designed using unique fabrics and materials to enhance the overall design while fulfilling the functions of privacy and sun control.